Harnessing Nature’s Power

Prozone recreates the natural process of producing ozone within the atmosphere, through high energy discharges in lightening on oxygen. 


Perfect for Limited Space

Ideal for areas where space is limited, or absolute discretion is required. Nectar™ provides a compact uplighter solution ideal for front-of-house areas. Also, the perfect companion for your food display counter.


Specialist & Decorative Flykillers

For Industrial Usage

Waterbound carefully handpicks the right technology that handles all your hygiene concerns within your food business preparation areas.

For Residential Usage

Be it crawling or flying insects, our British-sourced technology protects your front houses area, especially if it’s an outdoor settings. 

For Commercial Usage

Waterbound ensures to bring in elegant and efficient products that handles all your hygiene concerns in food display areas. 

Pest Control Technology

exoroach trap

EXOROACH ® - The Ultimate Trap

Air Care Series