An All-Round Maintenance

How often should I change my glueboards?

We recommend that glueboards are changed every 4 weeks, to prevent the glue from drying out over a longer period of time. Particularly dry or dusty environments may require a more frequent change as atmospheric debris may become attached to the board. 

The glueboards which we uses are designed to perfectly complement the Flytraps models offering consistently high standards of performance and quick servicing times, it also feature simple grids to make it quick and simple to monitor and record flycounts and identify species. This allow valuable, accurate feedback to be kept for hygiene audits and shared with the end user on a regular basis. The Silicon coated release paper ensure that it releases from the glue covered board quickly and simply, leaving the glue in place.

- Glueboard Features :

  • Unique flexible glue application allows for maximum glue area
  • Advanced UV stable glue guards against the glue drying out over a four week period
  • Dry glue formulation reduces glue run from exposure to tube heat and mess free servicing
  • Consistent thickness of glue application ensures no areas are too thin to retain the caught insect
  • Varnished base material reduces absorption of the glue
  • High quality silicon coated release paper provides easy peel action and less mess for reduced service time.


How Often Should I Change my UV tube & why?

We recommend that UV tubes are changed every 12 months to ensure maximum efficacy. The levels of UV produced by fluorescent tubes deteriorates rapidly thoughout the life of the tube.

Whilst the tube will continue to glow indefinitely, after approximately 8,000 hours (333 days) the amount of useful UV (which humans cannot see) drops to a level where it is no longer attractive to flying insects. As a result, UV tubes must be replaced annually to ensure they remain effective in producing useful levels of UV to ensure the fly traps is producing the maximum amount of UV throughout the critical insect season.